Learning arabic in a friendly and professional environment

Study Programme

Regular Programme:-

Our regular programme utilises the popular 'Arabiyya Bayna Yadayk' series through 9 levels of study which acts as a solid foundation for a student in his or her first year of intensive Arabic study. The course builds reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a step by step process and the student with the aid of instruction naturally progresses from level to level. 
The series consists of three books each consisting of 16 chapters covering various topics and rules of grammar in an easy and gradual manner. For example, as the course progresses the carefully selected and prepared texts become more advanced so that by the end of the course the student is very competent in the understanding of advanced Arabic reading texts.
'Arabiyya Bayna Yadayk' is the most comprehensive curriculum in the Arabic foreign teaching field and is now utilised in most prominent Arabic centres in Cairo. Markaz Furqaan has an advantage over other centres however due to the presence of Ustaadh Majdi Saeed who is head of the Arabic department. He co-ordinates and instructs both students and teachers alike so that the best results are achieved. Ustaadh Majdi was of the original teachers of the 'Arabiyya Bayna Yadayk' series in Egypt and has since over the last 5 years developed a high reputation for his knowledge and teaching skills. 
Each group class level consists of 60 hours of class time and exams are completed at the end of this in order to progress to the next level.
All classes are segregated amongst students and teaching staff. 

Private Study/Special arrangements: 

Students can make a request for private study at any time and can arrange with the centre to study by themselves or with a partner or group of colleagues who they wish to study with.

Childrens Programme:

We also have programmes especially designed for children using sources and materials which are suitable for their age so that they can benefit as much as possible from the study of the Arabic language.

Special Programmes:

Furqaan Institute also caters for students who have a grasp of the Arabic language but want to advance to the next level. For such students, we offer study of the following:


Al-Ajrumiyyah, Qatr un-Nada, Shudhoor udh-Dhahab & Alfiyyah of Ibn Malik




Shuddhul-Urf fee Fannis-Sarf

Reading and Speaking

Qasas un-Nabiyeen, Al-Qira'atur-Rashidah, Newspapers 

Summer Programme:

Markaz Furqaan will also be running a special intensive summer programmes during the summer holiday period between May and August. Ustaadh Majdi will himself undertake the teaching of one of these classes guaranteeing the best level of teaching during this period.


Markaz Furqaan believes that if offers the  best value for money amongst Cairo's Arabic centres.
Regular Group Class (3+): 350 L.E. (approx $60, £41) for 60 hours of study/month
Private tuition: 20 L.E./hour
Summer Intensive: Guaranteed better value for money than other centres. To be announced.