Learning arabic in a friendly and professional environment

Living in Egypt:
Over years we have found that foreigners have come to stay in Egypt and study Arabic with many different objectives in mind.

·         Individuals have come to spend between 3 months and a year or so with the sole intention of learning or improving their Arabic before returning to the native land. This could include students in the gap year or those who have managed to found a period of time for travel and study away from work and other commitments.

·         Other individuals, mainly students prefer to study intensive courses in the summer holiday period maximising their free-time in the pursuit of learning Arabic.

·         It is also common for young married couples to visit for the same reasons as above. Instead of spending lots of money on typical honeymoon holidays some have chosen to spend their money on the learning the Arabic language.

·         We have also seen many migrate to Egypt for much longer periods of time with their families. Although the parents embark on studying Arabic their main intention is to immerse the whole family in study. Some have intentions to stay for 2-3 years so that they and their children can study Arabic, memorise from the Quran and learn the rules of recitation whilst others have moved on a longer term basis wishing their children to be raised in other than their native lands.

·         There are also people who come to study Arabic for business or purely educational reasons but they are rare in our experience compared to the above categories.

To accommodate the above Egypt provides the following to prospective students and families:


Housing costs can vary between 800-4000 L.E. (Egyptian pounds) per month. It is possible to rent a spacious 3 bedroom apartment for around 2000-2500 L.E. about £250. Most foreign students live within the district of the learning centres and the neighbouring districts. Many students also live in some of the self contained modern towns like Rihaab City which are not too far from the learning centres.

Food and bills: 

Egypt really contains both the modern and traditional. Anyone used to the big supermarkets and varieties of food stuffs found in their native lands will find everything like that in Egypt in most areas. There are also many mini markets that contain most day to day goods and fruit and vegetable stalls on every corner. Egypt also has many restaurants varying from all the well known western brands to up market Egyptian and cheap small fast food Egyptian food.
Generally the more you live like a westerner on holiday in Egypt the more expensive it will be. Fruits, vegetables, Egyptian pasta, rice and bread are relatively cheap whereas Coco Pops and Flora Margarine can be relatively expensive for example.
Water bills are sometimes included in the rent, electricity can vary between 80-350 L.E. per month depending on usage and time of year due to air conditioning and fan usage and gas is extremely cheap in Egypt compared to Europe or the US.
Overall a family could expect to pay between 2000 – 6000 L.E per month depending on their lifestyles.


Egypt has many obvious landmarks that can be visited such as the Pyramids, the Museum, Al-Azhar Mosque, the Citadel and the Nile amongst others.
Egypt also has many sporting clubs some of which accept temporary memberships. Those who live in Rihaab city can benefit from a sports club at a reasonable price during their stay.
There are also places that offer swimming for children, adults and women within travelling distance and male and female segregated gyms.
Cairo also has many parks which can be visited and playgrounds.


Children can find schooling options for all ages. There are many nurseries for young children and many established Quran schools which accept children from about three years. These Quran schools are popular amongst those who are staying for two years or so and although they focus on the Quran most of these centres also teach the Arabic language and other subjects.
Children can also study within the Egyptian private school system which offers various different paths. There are international schools which are identical to those found in the UK, France, Germany and the US. There are language schools which teach Science, Maths and English in the English language or in French etc... These schools run the Egyptian curriculum but generally add to the teaching of English/French to raise its standard. There are also special language Azhari Schools that incorporate the Azhari methodology within the language school environment.

Markaz Furqaan offers help to students wishing to find accomodation in Egypt through its contacts and also offers an airport pick up service for 50 L.E. (Egyptian pounds).

Markaz Furqaan welcomes any further requests for information about living and studying in Egypt.